Resurrection CYO

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Online Training Instructions for Resurrection Coaches


1.  Go to:

2.  Create Account.  Answer 'No' to first question about role.  Complete the rest of the form.  Where it asks ‘Employee Type', select ‘volunteer’.  Where it asks 'Institution', select '532 Resurrection CYO Sports”.  Then press Submit

3.  You will get an email acknowledging your username/password you selected.

4.  Go back to Home Page (step 1).  Click on ‘Course Registration’.  Sign In.  Click on Register for Classes.  Click Step 1/Safe Environment.  Click Step 2 Safer Spaces.  Click Step 3 Safer Space – 2017 SS. Click Enroll in Selected Course at the bottom of the screen.

5.  Go back to Home Page (step 1).  Click Safe Log In. Click SAFE (not iECHO). Sign in with the username/password confirmed via email in step 3.

6.  You should have SAFE_ENV_SSEN_SS 20172_2017 2017 at the top of screen. Click on it.(note, it might take 10 or 15 minutes after step 4 before this course appears.)

7.  Go through the course. Complete the 3 short quizzes.  When done, Click Safer Spaces Certificate.

8.  Scan/email the certificate to .  Or take a picture of it with your phone and email it to