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First practice for 3rd grade boys CYO Purple Team

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the 3rd grade Boys CYO Purple Team! My name is Rob Baker and my son, Aaron is on the team along with your sons.  Our first practice is scheduled for this Wed, October 23 from 5:30 to 6:30 pm at the Doty Gym where the evaluations were done. All practices and games scheduled are listed on the Rye Resurrection CYO website. All will take place at either the Doty Gym or the Resurrection Grammar School Gym located across the parking lot from the Doty Gym.  Playing time for all the boys in the games will be evenly divided. I only ask in return that everyone make their best effort to have their sons at as many practices as possible.

I need the boys to come on time (though we will wait in the lobby if another team is using the gym ahead of us and depart promptly when our time is up), dressed in a t shirt, shorts (no warm up pants please), athletic socks (i.e. enough thickness to prevent blisters), sneakers (laces double knotted so we don't waste time with tying shoes) and with a well inflated basketball.  The basketball used for our age group is a 28.5 inch size (women's standard), but they can use whatever they are comfortable handling. Our purple uniform shirts should be available the week of 10/28 so I hope to have them then for distribution at the 10/30 practice.  I would appreciate if you could shoot me an email with a head and shoulders picture of your boys and their preferred name/nickname. Please share with me any prior experience they have in clinics, leagues or teams playing basketball. I would like to know if they play any other sports or have hobby interests.  

My goals this season are for your sons to learn the basic rules, court markings and foundational skills needed to play solid basketball for their age. Time spent learning the fundamentals properly at a young age is time well invested in any endeavor.  Good sportsmanship, encouraging each other and being gentlemen in our interactions with the opponents are first on my wish list. I want everyone on the team to be great friends. There is a spectators code of conduct, and I expect all family members and friend to adhere to that code with positivity in mind always. 

I will have a drill plan for each practice, and would be grateful if any parents are willing to volunteer in assisting with drills so we can cover as much ground as possible in an hour. The plan for our first practice is as follows:


Purple Swipers- first practice

  1. Warm up: 5 minutes- jogging around the perimeter while dribbling with the right hand.  On “reverse” they switch to dribbling with the left hand.  On “pivot” they change directions.
  2. Obstacle Course: 10 minutes- kids broken into about three or four equal sized groups lined up with five cones across the court in front of each line.  One ball for each player in front of line.  On whistle, kids will dribble to first cone with right hand and switch to the left as they dribble around first cone keeping it to their right.  The idea is that the cones are defenders and we are switching the hand to the outside of each defender as we weave around them.  They circle around the last pylon and weave back to their line giving a chest pass to the next player who proceeds. When they last player makes his chest pass, he runs to the back of the line and everyone sits down criss cross.  The first team to finish wins.  If the teams are uneven, we will designate the first player to repeat once to even things out as needed. 
  3. Layup mania: 10 minutes-the team will be divided into two lines.  The right line will start at the pylon and dribble with the right hand at 45 degrees to the basket. They are taught to plant the left foot and jump as if going over a puddle pushing up off that foot. The right knee goes up and the ball is released at the peak of the jump to hit the square on the backboard.  The player on the left line comes in and gets the rebound delivering a chest pass to the next player in the left line.  As each player finishes their job (shooting the layup or getting the rebound and passing), they switch to the opposite line.  We will start out slowly and quickly get them moving at full speed.  Halfway through, we will switch to the left line dribbling in with their left hand, planting with the right foot and shooting the layup with the left knee up, while the right line rebounds and passes back to the left.
  4. One on one box out: 15 minutes- Two players will be positioned in the lane near the basket.  The closer player to the hoop is the defender, the “offensive” rebounder will be placed right behind the defender.  The coach will loft a ball toward the basket from the three point circle and the two players will battle for position to get the rebound. The players will then switch positions and try again.  Players will get whistled for infractions while attempting to position themselves and get the rebound.  Mainly we don’t want them pushing with their hands or reaching in for a ball and making contact with the opponent. As they learn the ropes on this drill, we will teach them the step-over and spin moves to battle for position to get the rebound.
  5. Lateral slides: 5 minutes- The team gets into defensive position in rows of three or four in front of coach. Feet shoulder width apart, weight on balls of feet with heels just barely off the floor, hands up at head level with elbows out.  Defenders slide their feet to left or right WITHOUT CROSSING THEIR FEET as the coach holds the ball to one side or the other.  If the ball is held up by coach they move forward, if the ball is placed down by the coach they backpedal.
  6. Deny the dribbler: 10 minutes- Kids line up in pairs at the baseline with each pair about 15 to 20 feet apart.  One has the ball, the other is the defender one arm length in front of partner.  On the whistle, the dribbler tries to make their way to the opposite baseline while the defender tries to block their forward movement using good defensive shuffling like they just learned in lateral slides. When they get to the line, they switch from offender to defender and go back the other way.
  7. Partner bounce: 5 minutes- Kids in pairs move forward down the court doing bounce passes.  As they get more proficient, we move them further from each other.

Please do your best to explain to the boys the drill plan to help them get going as a group quickly. Also, showing them diagrams of the basketball court with the labels of the different lines would be helpful. Feel free to email me, call me or text me with any questions.  Looking forward to a great season, and hope to meet you all on Wednesday.




Rob Baker


Cell phone: 914-714-0816

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Second "Bonus" practice Saturday 11/1 5:45-7:00 pm dri
by posted 11/01/2019

Please let me know right away if you will be able to attend the bonus practice tomorrow night at Grammar at 5:45 pm.

Also, at our game tomorrow morning, the defensive captains or I may switch us from a man to man defense to a 2-3 zone (guards in front/ forwards and centers in rear) only IF the boys are exhausted and need to catch their breath or IF we are getting killed on the inside to force the opponents into outside shooting. If they are not familiar with a zone, please take a look at: to explain the rudiments to them. The most important concept in zone defense is guarding an AREA, not a player. The centers have a big job in the zone to cover the lane without fouling our opponents and grabbing rebounds since we hope to force outside shots. Once a player leaves your zone, they are someone else's problem.


Drill plan

1.       1. Stretching and warm up- 5 minutes

2.      2. Follow the back pedaling leader—10 minutes- two man partners.  One with the ball, the other partner starts backpedaling around the court and says left or right hand to dribbler and holds up 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 fingers.  Dribble must follow the partner, use the hand they say AND announce how many fingers are up to practice dribbling with eyes up. Partner without ball careful not to bump into another a pair!!

3.       3. Deny the dribbler-5 minutes- same as before.

4.       4. Layup mania/ Spot shots-10 minutes- After everyone at the spot shot station finishes the drill, we switch stations. At the spot shot end players take a shot from a pre-located cone, collect their rebound, then move to the next cone.  At the other end of the court, layup mania as before.  After everyone finishes on the spot shot station, we switch stations.

5.       5. Slide and Stop- 15 minutes- Three offensive players and one defender.  The offensive player with the ball stands in the lane just in front of the basket facing the free throw line. The defender stands in front of that offensive player with his back toward the player with the ball just below the free throw line.  Two offensive players are placed to the left and right of the top of the key. On the whistle, the player with the ball tosses it to one of the players near the key.  As soon as the defender perceives which way the ball is going, they run toward that player and must decide if they need to block him from taking an open shot, or assume a defensive posture to prevent him from dribbling by to take a closer shot. The ball handler attempts a shot.

6.       6. Water break!

7.       7. Monitoring the Motion- 15 minutes-Two offensive players and one defender. The offensive player with the ball stands at the top of the key and can’t move. The other two players stand inside the baseline beneath the basket, defender between the offensive players. On the whistle the player with the ball must deliver a pass as quickly as possible to the other player on his team as he tries to free himself from the defender.

8.      8. Box and Grab- 15 minutes- Three offensive players and one defender.  First offensive player with the ball is behind the baseline.  Second offensive ball is outside the three point circle and lofts a shot. Third offensive player is in the lane with the defender. The defenders job is to try boxing out the player in the lane and getting the rebound.

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Report on Second practice
by posted 11/01/2019

ear Parents,


Our second regular practice last night went nicely. The entire team was there plus our newest team member.  Everyone please welcome Matt Leand! That brings us to a total of 10 team members. The boys did a great job working together to do the drills. They are all quick learners.


This Saturday brings us to our first game together.  It’s a preseason tournament game at Salesian, 148 East Main Street in New Rochelle at 9 am.


Here are some tips for giving the boys the energy they need for a game:


    • Dinner the night before a morning game with lots of carbs and some protein will fill their muscles with energy for the next morning. For example: pasta, breads and cereals are ideal. Fruits and vegetable are good along with chicken, fish or any other high quality protein.


    • Generally it’s not a good idea to eat a meal closer than one hour before a game.


    • A light snack right before the game high in carbs and protein (for example: granola bars, dried or fresh fruit, yogurt, whole grain crackers with cheese) would be great.


    • Drinking a lot of water or sports drinks leading up to the game and during the game keeps them well hydrated.


    • A single snack like a banana at halftime often helps.


    • Limit junk food starting the night before a game and during the game



Our positions and squads for this Saturday are as follows:



1. Point Guard- Jayson

    2. Shooting Guard- Harry

    3. Small forward- Will

    4. Power forward- Toby

    5. Center- Aaron


Navy- 1. Point Guard- Charlie

    2. Shooting Guard- Guest player

    3. Small forward- Luke

    4. Power forward- Matt

    5. Center- Grant


Point guards will captain the offense and Small forwards will captain the defense.  Everyone will get to play and learn all positions during the season.


I hope to have a guest player from another Resurrection 3B team at the tournament. This is to make substitution and equalization of playing time easier with two five man squads. If any of you have a friend on the other teams that would like to play with us this Saturday, have them contact me as soon as possible.


I’m hoping as many of you as possible can make the second bonus practice this Saturday at the Grammar Gym from 5:45 pm to 7:00 pm. I will send out the drill plan for that practice shortly. Hopefully we can also work on any lessons learned from our first game.





Coach Rob


Cell: 914-714-0816







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Report on Bonus Practice #1
by posted 10/28/2019

Hi Parents,


We had our first bonus practice last Saturday with JP, Jayson, Harry, Will, Luke, Aaron and Leo attending.  Because of practice scheduling conflicts, Leo and Jack had to move to different teams. We will miss them. Two players have joined our team. Everyone welcome Grant Paun and Toby Slavin to the Purple Swipers! The bonus practice went nicely with all the boys showing improvement in the key areas of dribbling, layups and good defensive posture.  We also had a nice quick scrimmage practice at the end of the skills training that the boys seemed to enjoy. I want to emphasize two points that I would like you to share with the boys that will lead to our success as a team and their success in life.  I want them to be generous in their passing the ball teammates, and pass a LOT! I also want them to learn to feel the same satisfaction when a teammate scores a basket as when they score a basket.  No team in any team sport wins based on one or two individuals.  It takes a group effort to make things happen. I want to see a lot of high fives and verbal compliments to each other when they do anything well. Getting a turnover, diving for a loose ball on the floor, playing heads up defense with active arms and not fouling are all equally or more valuable than driving to the boards and making the basket.

Our next practice is this Wednesday, October 30, at 5:30-6:30 pm at Grammar Gym. Please try to have the boys there on time, dressed and double knotted ready to go with a ball. As a reminder to our new teammates please wear shorts and a t shirt. No sweat pants please.

Our first game of the season is a tournament game against the OLPH/St. Matts 3rd grade boys team at Salesian this Saturday, November 2nd at 9 AM.  I am still waiting to hear back from a couple families if they will make it. I know JP will be away that weekend. I'm hoping that we can be at full strength otherwise.

I have also managed to get a second "bonus" practice time of 5:45 pm to 7:00 PM this Saturday, November 2nd at 9 AM at Grammar Gym.  I know having two basketball events on the same day is not ideal, but it is hard to find open gym time, and I have a sense that we will not have as easy scheduling access once the regular season begins with our first game of the season on Saturday, November 9th at 3 PM at Grammar Gym. I would really like to get as much skills practice in before that.

My drill plan for this Wednesday is:

1. Warmup- stretching and perimeter run- 5 minutes

2. Obstacle course- same as before. Emphasis is on using the controlled dribble: look up ahead for defenders and open teammates (NOT at the ball), knees slightly wider than shoulder width, hunched over slightly; touch with finger tips and thumb tip, not palm; ball bouncing at knee height (lower is much harder for opponent to strip the ball away); using the opposite hand (palm down) to defend the ball as we go around the defenders (cones)- 10 minutes

3. Relay race- Boys are put into pairs. One at each end of the court.  Dribble down to partner and make a chest pass from 15 feet away to partner. First team to cross the line coming back wins!- Emphasis is on the speed dribble: ball in front of us; dribble height between waist and chest height (not higher to avoid steals); (with real defenders we move the ball to the side of us as we approach to switch to controlled dribble)- 5 minutes

4. Soft hands- Boys are paired with coach or a parent (parents please bring sneakers to help with this one). Line up about 15 feet apart.  Deliver a bounce pass to player slightly off center to left or right (we want them to learn to get a pass that is off target).  They then give you back an accurate bounce pass. Then deliver a chest pass slightly off center and have them give you an accurate chest pass back.  Make sure they stay on the balls of their feets with hands in front of them ready for the pass. Many passes are missed or bobbled because of time wasted getting the hands up after the pass has already been sent.- 10 minutes

5. Free throw frenzy- Team divided in half shooting from a cone 12 feet in front of the basket (the distance we will actually be shooting free throws in our games) with half team in front of each basket. To free throw: 1. Set your feet with both feet aimed at basket 2. Make an "L" with your shooting elbow 3. Follow through with your wrist.  Eyes should stay aimed just a few inches over the front rim edge. After shooting collect your rebound and pass it to the next player in line.- 10 minutes

6. Layup mania- Same as before- 10 minutes

7. Deny the dribbler- Same as before- Emphasis on good defensive movement with lateral slides, low positioning, active arms, testing the opponents reaction when you reach for the ball and swatting SIDEWAYS to steal or free the ball (diving for a loose ball). If opponent is a "one trick pony" (only able to dribble with one hand), position yourself slightly toward the dribbling hand side to defend them even better. That's why our dribbling motto is "Don't be a one trick pony!"- 10 minutes.


Looking forward to seeing everyone Wednesday!



Coach Rob

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First Bonus Practice for CYO Boys Third Grade Purple team
by posted 10/25/2019

Hi Parents,


Hopefully everyone got the email earlier today that we have a "bonus" practice schedule tomorrow, Saturday 10/26 from 5:45 to 6:45 pm.  Also, we are scheduled to play at a tournament at Salesian next weekend on Sat/Sun 10/2 and 10/3.  We are guaranteed at least two games.  Here is the practice plan for tomorrow night:


1. Warm up- same as last practice.

2 Obstacle course- same as last practice.

3. Layup mania- same as last practice.

4. Free throw positioning.  Two players will be designated offense and three will be designated defense. The first two defenders will be place in blocks adjacent to the basket.  The two offensive players will be placed in the next two blocks. The third defender will be place in the block after the offenders.  The coach tosses the ball for a free throw.  The two defenders closest to the basket enter the lane on the release and box out the offense to get the rebound. The third defender enters the center of the lane on release to box out the free throw shooter (coach) to prevent the shooter from getting the rebound.

5. Lateral slides- same as last practice

6. Deny the dish- one offender is placed at the top of the key. His partner is place in the middle to the lane facing him.  The defender is place first in front of the lane offender. The offender at the top of the key is given the ball and must pass it to the partner in the lane.  The defender tries to steal/block the pass without fouling using good defensive technique and keeping butt to leg contact to feel the offender behind them.  The drill is then repeated with the defender behind the lane offender and tries to use good defensive technique to try to block/steal the pass, push the lane offender further from the basket without fouling, and block the shot (WITHOUT FOULING) if the pass is successful.

7. Inbound passing- two on two with one defender covering the inbounder and the other covering the receiving player. Five seconds to deliver the pass. Defenders must block without fouling. Inbounder careful to not step on/over line.  Defender covering the inbounder careful to avoid stepping on or over the line.

8. Partner bounce- same as last practice.

Looking forward to seeing as many of you tomorrow as possible


Coach Rob


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by posted 10/23/2019

First practice report

Hi Parents,

We had a nice first practice with Aaron, Harry, JP and Charlie attending.  The boys had a good time and all did a great job building their fundamentals with the drills.  Our next practice is Wednesday 10/30/19 at 5:30-6:30 pm.  I am hoping to sign us up for the upcoming A Game Sports preseason tournament at Salesian on Sat November 2 and Sun November 3.  The time frame for the games would probably be between 4:30 and 6:30 pm. Please let me know immediately if your sons are available for the tournament. Looking forward to meeting the rest of the team next Wednesday.




Coach Rob

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